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Why Sambucol Black Elderberry?

Berry Defence

Sambucol Black Elderberries provide a natural mode of action in 3 ways. The black elderberries combined with select ingredients, such as vitamin C and zinc, make Sambucol a renowned dietary supplement for boosting immune support.

Berry Defence

Scientifically Tested

✔ Developed by scientists

✔ Recommended by experts

A leading scientist brought the health-giving properties of the black elderberry to the modern pharmacies and health food stores. Sambucol is the original Black Elderberry formulation published in scientific journals and trusted worldwide.

Over 20 years of scientific research make Sambucol the world’s most extensively researched Black Elderberry product.

Scientifically Tested

Manufacturing Standards

Sambucol’s distinct preparation method preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits of the Black Elderberries.

Manufacturing Standards

Berry Delicious

Ease of consumption is important to Sambucol, and this is largely due to taste. Sambucol is a well-known provider of specialized, efficient and delicious products.

Sambucol’s full range of products are available in multiple formats to ensure suitability for the whole family. Please refer to our Sambucol Easy Reference Guide for more information.

Black Elderberry is Berry Delicious
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