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When can Sambucol help?

Year-round immune support

Sambucol supports your immune system year-round. We suggest the Immuno Forte Range for your daily dose of immune support. Increase your dose during the winter months (see product directions for details).

During the winter

Winter weather further strains your immune system. Warm indoors, cold outdoors, dry air, and sick people all require a stronger immune system. We recommend an increased dosage of Sambucol to a winter dose (see product directions for details) or switching to products from the Immuno Forte range.

At the first sign of a cold

If you start to feel sick, take Sambucol to give your immune system additional support.

Back to school

Schools are a breeding ground for germs, especially because germs survive on classroom surfaces for up to 72 hours. Sambucol simply and effectively boosts children’s immune systems and beats the school bugs, especially after the summer holiday.

When travelling

Airplanes, public transport, air-conditioned buildings, and busy public areas always put your immune system through its paces. Take our Immuno Forte Capsules or Immuno Forte Effervescent Tablets with you in your hand luggage.

Before an important event

Take Sambucol to support your immune system before an important occasion like a wedding, a holiday, or during stressful times like exams or interviews.

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